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New Fruit Trees & Berries for 2024

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Welcome to Fruit Trees Online!

Flavor Punch Pluerry
Pears are one of the luscious treats of the fruit world, juicy, flavorful and sumptuous. Imagine biting into a ripe pear, the sweet juice running down your arm! European pears, such as Bartlett, D’Anjou and Comice, the typical pear-shaped fruit, are the most common type of pear, but Asian pears, which are usually round, are becoming more popular all the time. Asian pears, like Hosui, Shinseiki and Shinko, have a crisper texture than European pears which, in addition to their shape, results in them often being referred to as apple pears.

Flavor Grenade
Pears are known for their high fiber content, making them a healthy addition to your diet. Pears have a very long history, having been cultivated in China since about 2000 B.C. The Romans also made use of the fruit, using them very much like apples. The trees are very long lived and have an upright growing habit. Most varieties need a specific pollenizer, so be sure to have the right varieties planted together to ensure good fruit production. Pears are picked before they are ripe and then ripen at room temperature until they give slightly around the stem. Then they can be eaten fresh, dried, canned, juiced or used for pear cider, also known as perry. For a real treat, try sliced Havarti cheese with Comice pears. Heaven!

Flavor Delight Aprium

Middle Eastern cuisine is becoming very popular all over the world. These cuisines frequently make use of fruits in ways traditionally unfamiliar to the Western palate, using them in savory dishes, salads and appetizers. Most of us may have had figs stuffed with goat cheese or wrapped in bacon or prosciutto, maybe a salad with pomegranate seeds or sliced persimmon as an addition. Moroccan stews often feature dried apricots as a counterbalance for the spices. Growing these trees yourself gives you plenty of opportunity to experiment and get in on the joys of Middle Eastern food.

White Pakistan Mulberry
Returning to our catalogue this season are two mulberries – White Pakistan and White Persian. Both have white, sweet blackberry-like fruit. White Pakistan fruit is 3.5 to 5 inches long and the tree has a long harvest season. White Persian is a smaller tree, 20 to 25 feet with a spreading habit. Both are self-fruitful, so no pollenizer is required for a good harvest.

Pakistan Cooks Mulberry
And don’t forget our other three mulberry varieties, Dwarf Bush, Pakistan Cooke’s Selection and White. Dwarf Bush is excellent for containers and produces sweet blackberry-like fruit all season long. Pakistan Cooke’s Selection is a dark version of White Pakistan with similarly long fruit that is maroon to black, very sweet with a raspberry-like flavor. White mulberry fruit is medium sized, white and sweet on a large, handsome, drought tolerant tree.

Golden Muscat Grape
Also back in stock are Golden Muscat and Himrod Seedless grapes. Golden Muscat has that wonderful Muscat flavor and aroma and can be eaten fresh or used for a lovely wine. The vines are very productive, winter hardy and grow well in both cool coastal areas and hotter inland valleys. Himrod Seedless produces very high quality pale green berries on winter hardy vines. Either is an excellent addition to your orchard or vineyard.

organic fertilizer pixabayGrowing your own fruit trees makes it easy to provide yourself and your family with fresh organic fruit at very little cost. By using organic fertilizer and insect and disease control, if required, from planting time, the fruit will be organic by the time the trees start producing.

organic fruit pixabay With careful varietal selection, you can have organic fruit available all season, starting in May with Sauzee Swirl or Earlitreat peaches, Desert Dawn nectarine, Royal Rosa apricot or Minnie Royal, Royal Lee, Royal Crimson or Craig’s Crimson cherries all the way to autumn with Flavor Finale or Flavor Grenade Pluots, any persimmon, Bosc or Comice pears, Fairtime or Octoberfest peach and many varieties of apples. These are just examples of ways to have fresh, healthy fruit all season right at your fingertips. Give growing your own a try. You may find it addictive!