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About Our Suppliers

Dave Wilson Nursery

Dave Wilson Nursery

Most of our stock is grown by Dave Wilson Nursery in the Central Valley of California. They have been growing fruit and nut trees since 1938. The nursery has a reputation for high quality and innovative production techniques.



Zaiger Genetics

Floyd Zaiger and Family (Zaiger Genetics) have introduced several hundred varieties of fruit and rootstock hybrids. Their varieties have become a major segment of the fruit growing industries in France, Australia, Chile, Spain and South Africa.

Some Zaiger innovations include dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties, extra early and extra late ripening varieties and rootstocks with extra vigor, pest and disease resistance. They’ve introduced many low acid/high flavor white-fleshed peaches and nectarines.

Dave Wilson Nursery is the primary grower and licensor of Zaiger Genetics. Among their most exciting introductions are the interspecific hybrids, including Apriums, Cherry-Plums, Nectaplum, Pluerries, Plumcots and Pluots. These fruits have truly unique, outstanding flavors and textures and are wonderful additions to the home orchard.

Bay Laurel Nursery is pleased to offer you over sixty-five of Zaiger’s best varieties for home orchard use, the largest selection you’ll find anywhere.

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