Our shipping season has ended and we are not able to accept any more orders for this season. Please check back September 2024 to see our online catalog for the next shipping season which will begin January 2025.

Thank you to all our loyal bareroot fans. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you, and look forward to serving you again in September 2024.

Miniature & Dwarf Varieties


  • Garden Prince Dwarf



  • Garden Delicious Genetic Dwarf
  • Anna on Geneva
  • Dorsett Golden on Geneva
  • Fuji on Geneva
  • Gala on Geneva
  • Granny Smith on Geneva
  • Pink Lady ® on Geneva



  • Pixie-CotTM Miniature



  • Lapins on ZD
  • North Star Dwarf


  • Ischia Green
  • Violette de Bordeaux



  • Arctic Babe Miniature
  • Arctic Sprite Miniature
  • Garden Delight Miniature
  • Necta Zee Miniature
  • Nectar Babe Miniature
  • Sol Dorado Miniature



  • Bonanza Miniature
  • Garden Gold Miniature
  • Honey Babe Miniature
  • Pix Zee Miniature
  • Snow Babe Miniature