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New Fruit Trees & Berries For 2012

Asian fruits are becoming more popular all the time - perhaps a persimmon, Asian pear, Ume apricot, jujube or pomegranate is just what you need to add to your orchard! Here are some suggestions...

Yoinashi Asian Pear (image above) has a sweet flavor and a finer texture than most other Asian pears.

Tennosui Pear is a unique fruit, thought to be a cross between the Tennessee pear and Hosui Asian Pear and is also thought to be resistant to fireblight..

Jujubes, or Chinese dates, remain very popular and we have six varieties from which to choose. Try Sherwood, GA866 or Sugar Cane for very sweet fruit. And don't forget that jujube trees are drought tolerant and cold hardy as well as very attractive.

Matsumoto Wase Persimmon is a very tasty non-astringent persimmon that ripens earlier than Fuyu.

Ume Koume Apricot, with semi-double pink flowers, is this year's addition to our Ume apricot selection. Ume fruit is used primarily for pickling and their lovely flowers make for a splendid spring display.

Pomegranates are native to western Asia and have enormous health benefits. Used in the garden, the plants have showy red-orange flowers with glossy bright green leaves and require little water once established. We have two new varieties for this season.

Austin Pomegranate (left image) has large sweet fruit with a hint of tartness and high juice content, about half again as much as Wonderful.

Parfianka Pomegranate is considered to be one of the highest quality pomegranates and has large fruit with bright red arils and small seeds.

This season, we have some additions that will be of interest to those of you who live in southern states, roughly Texas to Florida.

Sunraycer Nectarine is very early and tasty and is highly recommended for the southeast.

From Texas A & M comes TexPrince Peach, a heavy producer that is great for Texas, Florida and southern Georgia.

A new pear with some fireblight resistance is Southern Bartlett Pear which was discovered on an old Louisiana homestead.

In the novelty department, we have a couple of fun items.

New this season is Pink Lemonade Blueberry (left image)  with sweet, bright pink berries - not what you normally expect to see in your muffin!

Another unusual addition is Robert Livermore Walnut whose meat is striking red instead of the normal walnut color.

We have added three fabulous new apricots to the roster for this season.

Lorna Apricot is an old favorite that has not been available for a few years and we are very pleased indeed to have it once again. It is a prolific producer of large, very flavorful fruit that would be a fine addition to any orchard.

Montrose Apricot is from Colorado and so is very hardy and frost resistant, as well as having large, sweet, juicy fruit with a sweet edible pit.

Orange Knockout Apricot has large orange fruit with intense flavor. One of these is surely suitable for your yard!

Another interesting addition to this catalog is the Sundowner Apple, a sibling of Pink Lady with crisp, sweet white flesh and red skin. It is likely to be every bit as popular as its celebrated sister.

Be sure to check out Kaweah Peach, Freckle Face Nectarine, Starry Night Plum and Princess Seedless Grape too!